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(1)  A current student I.D. or Driver's License is REQUIRED for all returns.
(2)  Books purchased NEW must be returned in the same condition that the book was originally purchased in. The book must be free from writing, marks, bent corners and completely intact. If not, the USED purchase price will be refunded.
(3)  Books with a "NO RETURN IF UNWRAPPED" sticker may NOT be returned if the book is unwrapped.
(4)  Books purchased in shrink-wrap, that may be opened, must be returned with all accompanying components (example: CD, study guides, etc.). 
Access codes must be unused and/or not scratched off.  New CD envelopes must be unopened.
Without exception, when a used book is exchanged for a new book, the price difference must be paid.
(7)  Digital textbooks are not refundable if activated.
(8)  Special orders are not refundable.

(1)  Merchandise may be refunded within 5 business day from the date of purchase.
(2)  Merchandise with a manufacturer's defect will be replaced with like merchandise.
(3)  Supplies not in original packaging, in opened packaging, or not in new condition may not be returned.
(4)  Sale merchandise and special orders are NOT refundable.
(5)  Books and merchandise must be returned to the place of purchase.

(1)  Software must be in original, unopened packaging.
(2)  If software CD is defective, it can be exchanged for a replacement as long as all of the original contents, packaging and the damaged CD has been returned.