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Coursepack Request

Course packs: Why Request One In Advance? And, Why They Tend To Be Expensive…
The title rights are sold from one publisher to another or ownership reverts from a publisher or a succession of publishers to the author, who is not always easy to locate. The process of tracking down the copyright holder and then obtaining permission is generally laborious, and many publishers require as much as eight weeks advance notice of a request for permission to copy from a work. Obtaining permissions for thousands of citations is both time and labor intensive. Course pack prices are determined by the cost of publisher royalties plus fees for photocopying and labor costs associated with obtaining copyright permissions. Royalties and labor cost vary from pack to pack.  In accordance with federal law, copyright permission must be obtained for copyrighted citation in the course pack.

While it might seem a more expedient solution to simply copy material without notifying the author (s), doing so would run counter to academic ethos of respecting the work, ideas and intellectual property of authors. It also would violate the legal rights of the author or publisher. It is essential that you request your course packs at the same time that textbook information is requested. This leaves us plenty of time to handle any copyright-related obstacles that arise and helps us to have course packs ready when students need them.

Copyrighted materials that you would like the College Store to help in assisting with obtaining a release, please contact College Store.