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Copyright Procedure

The following procedure has been written to help clarify the procedure for instructional packet's to be sold at the college bookstore. The purpose of the procedure is to insure the following: 
1) The bookstore has your permission to print your instructional packet. 
2) Copyright laws are followed and enforced. 

Instructional Packet Procedure: 
1) Any duplicated material of 25 pages or more used for instructional or laboratory purposes and sold to students will be classified as an instructional packet. 
2) All requests for instructional packets must be delivered to the bookstore. (Bookstore will work with duplicating to get them printed.) 
3) The Instructional Packet Request Form must be filled out, signed, and turned in to the division office with your original instructional packet. The Area Dean must sign the Instructional Packet Request Form before it will be forwarded to the Bookstore. The bookstore will forward your packet to the duplicating 

Filling out Instructional Packet Form
(View Packet Form Here)

1) Fill out instructor and book information 
2) Complete the copy instructions
3) Select appropriate copyright certification that applies
4) Sign and date the form 
5) Send form, packet, and copyright permissions to the Area Dean for signature.
6) Area Dean will forward to Bookstore. 
7) All forms and packets should be in the Bookstore no later than thirty days from the starting of the semester. 
8) If there are any copyright materials it will be the your responsibility to provide the written permissions with your packet. "These permissions must be granted each semester." 

If you are updating a current instructional material for class:  
1) On the textbook requisition, please indicate if you will be updating the materials. (Change the current term and write down revised.) 
2) The textbook buyer will then send you back your original for revisions. 
3) A new permission form must be filled out at the time you make any revisions to your printed materials. Please send new copyright form with your textbook requisition and with the revised materials to the bookstore for printing.  Please do not send printing materials directly to the printing department. The printing department will not print any documents without appropriate paperwork. 

If you are making no changes to the instructional materials for class:  
1) On the textbook requisition, please indicate that there will be no changes to the materials. 
2) The bookstore will use the original that is already in house. 
3) We will use the current copyright permission that is in our files for this printed document. No new copyright permission will be needed, only if revision is being made. 

For more information on copyright and fair use policy, please see the following:
United States Copyright Office
Association of American Publishers
Los Rios Board Policy Development and Copyright of Materials R-8333
Los Rios Board Policy Development and Copyright of Materials P-8333