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Convenient, good for the environment and your budget, delivered to your desktop, and accessible across all of your mobile devices.
Features & Capabilities
(1)  Download to one computer or redeem online
(2)  Online access from mobile devices with a browser.  Devices that are supported:  PC's, Laptops & Tablets (HS Internet/Browser Required), iPad/iPod Touch/iPhone (Appropriate Apps Required), Android Tablets, Smartphones, & Kindle Fire.
(3)  Add Notes/Highlight/Underline
(4)  Searching
(5)  Printing
You'll Need (minimum requirements)
(1)  Internet Browser + Flash Software
(2)  Download free reader software
(3)  High-speed Internet connection - to activate and download your book (After download, an Internet connection is only needed if you want to remotely access your eBook on the go)                 


eBooks can be purchased online or in-store.

Online Purchase:
Purchase the eBook through the bookstore website.  You will receive an email with instructions to activate the eBook.  Once the title has been activated, it is no longer refundable.

In-store Purchase
Purchase the card through the bookstore cashier just as you would purchase a print textbook.  The receipt will include the activation code and the card will include the instructions.  Purchasing the card authorizes the card , but does not activate it. 

For customer support, please call 888-886-0801 or email