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Book Order Guidelines

Book Orders: Why They Are Needed Months in Advance?
The new editions of standard texts and new titles that you request are sourced directly from publishers. Since publishers do not keep large inventories, titles can be out of stock and it may be a while before they are reprinted. An adequate lead time increases the chances that out of stock titles, delivery problems and other delays will not prevent us from having your books on the shelves right when classes begin. Advance notice is especially important for foreign books, which frequently take longer to arrive.

How are textbook quantities determined? 
The textbook manager evaluates the historical data for each individual textbook when preparing next semester's book order. Your experience and input on textbook requisitions is invaluable. We appreciate you taking the time to estimate the most accurate number of books needed for your course. Previous ordering records show that the number of seats available in a course is not always the best estimate for actual attendance. For example, the time of day a section is offered will effect whether the course is full or not.

What if I am considering changing my text, and haven't made a final decision by the due date? 
The Bookstore's Textbook Department would rather accept a textbook requisition after the due date than make changes to a requisition submitted in haste. Changes after books have been ordered and received are very costly. Your students will benefit with the best book buyback prices if your decisions are made no later than finals week.

What if the course is cancelled or instructors change?
Course changes (i.e. class cancellations, increases in enrollment, decreases in enrollment, book changes, and faculty changes) are all things the Bookstore needs to be informed of in order to keep accurate records and take appropriate action. Please forward information to [email protected].

What about course supplies?
Make notes at the bottom of the textbook requisition for required supplies. As products vary widely between manufacturers, provide as much detailed information as possible. A class syllabus or supply list can also be attached to the requisition form. The bookstore will make every attempt to stock an adequate inventory of your required or optional supplies. Please forward information to  [email protected].

Anything Else?
Remember that materials which require custom copying, such as a syllabus or lab manual, should also be included on the textbook requisition. The Bookstore will allow space for these items when setting up textbook shelves.

Copyrighted material (magazine articles, chapters of books, photos or graphs from published material, or entire books) require a Copyright Release prior to printing. The Bookstore may be able to assist with obtaining such a release. Any charges for a release will be added to the total cost of the printed material. Please submit these requests as soon as possible as releases can sometimes take 8-10 weeks to secure.  Email: [email protected].

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